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SendEarnings Review Blog is about my daily quest in making money (and gifts, of course) on the internet. My posts will include up to date statistics and information on several opportunities, the money I earn, and the ever-elusive money that I actually receive.
I have been a member of SendEarnings for almost Three years, and have actually received paychecks in hundreds of dollars. I spend a very small amount of time each day, and would like to show you how I do it!

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  • Sherrell Bolton Mathews

    Retirement: u work all ur life, buying ur first house, building ur career, climbing that ladder, raising 2 beautiful children and thinking that the future will take care of itself. Doing all of this as a single parent for the most part. There wasn’t a game plan to follow; father a hard working carpenter, mother working parttime at the school cafeteria to bring in a little extra money and be home when we 3 kids got home from school. I never once talked to my parents about going to college. We weren’t the higher education type people. I had an older cousin but he wasn’t in college. My big brother was in the army. Back then a small rural school didn’t have a guidance counselor. We graduated & all of a sudden what was I going to do. My empty head didn’t have a clue. One of my best friends was going to summer semister college at ASU. Mom & Dad didn’t have money to pay for me & back then it wasn’t hard to get a student loan in a short time. I went off to school. Still very much empty headed about my future.